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FREEDOM TO FLY - দৈনিক সপ্তস্বরা
সোমবার, ২৭ মার্চ ২০২৩, ১০:৪৯ অপরাহ্ন


Rakib (Bonsai)
  • প্রকাশের সময় : রবিবার, ৪ জুলাই, ২০২১



I am tired with

the given game of life

I am tired of
obeying rules and norms
The inner me is eating me
To find its opening
In the vast open sky
I guess I am bird
Without wings
Who wishes to fly
Caged and bounded in this life
My poetry is my only solace
I keep writing
To thrive that freedom feeling
My eternity
My best friend
Tears are my given treasures
I am living the dying feeling
Writing, nursing tears
Life of a human I disagree to
Chirpping birds on trees
Are my family in secure grounds
But I want to fly
Leave the diversions of the given life
Poetry I am tired of holding onto
God come to my rescue
This is not what I was made for
I am dying every single moment
Searching for the condors of the sky
How I wish to be a bird
No tensions and no worries
Living a life of freedom
Flying in the skies
Chirping with laughter and smiles
I am in a caged human life
Hence I feel not to Live
Like this anymore
The sudden jolt is what I ask for
And be freed to fly
In the heavens of God
Never to return to this world
And never to express poetry again
Simple feelings will I feel
Of happiness and joy
No inclinations and sorrows
And will be the bird of the heavens
When I leave this world
Freed from the cage of this bounded life
Find the solace
In flying the heavenly Skies!!!!!!



Name of Poet:-  RADHIKA TYTLER

Father’s Name: Mr Jagdish Tytler, Ex-Minister in Govt. of India.

Mother’s Name: Mrs Jennifer Tytler: Director of J D Tytler School in New Delhi.

What my parents say about my obsession with Poetry
“ We are very proud of our Daughter, RADHIKA who has been writing Poems from the age of 8. We are astounded by the absolutely Magnificent Poems, with such amazing imagery, that she writes so effortlessly, as it were “ at the drop of a hat.”

Academics: Passed High School and after that was only interested in writing Poetry.

Published Book: THE BARE TRUTH in 2004.( A Book of Poems )

Working on My SECOND Book of Poems at present.

I am a LIFETIME Member of the POETRY
I have been sent as the Representative of the Poetry Society of India to the British Council in New Delhi and to a Poets Meeting by the Embassy of Spain at the India International Center, New Delhi.

In the last few years I have received Online 23 Appreciation Certificates from various Poetic Groups from various Countries.

I was born in 1971 in New Delhi and I live in New Delhi,India.

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